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  Women in STEM (WiSTEM) at The University of Texas at Austin is closing the STEM gender gap by creating an inspired and diverse community of confident STEM leaders.
WiSTEM leads nationally-recognized high school and undergraduate STEM student programs designed to help students like you to be successful in their STEM pursuits in college and beyond. Our programs increase STEM identity (help you see yourself as a STEM student and professional), self-efficacy (boost self-confidence in STEM), and sense of belonging in STEM as you build leadership and career skills and connect with STEM role models and peers. All of this helps to increase retention and graduation rates in STEM majors, advancement to graduate school or industry, and persistence in the STEM workforce for students just like you!
“Being a woman in STEM means working on projects and having opportunities far beyond what I imagined as a senior in high school applying to UT Austin. Sometimes it means being one of the few women in my classes and having to work a little harder to be heard by my classmates. But overall, be- ing a woman in STEM means being a part of a diverse group of women who are passionate about learning and helping each other succeed.” -Sophia (Civil Engineering Undergraduate)
Current undergraduate students can choose to live with other STEM students in our first-year Kinsolving Resi- dence Hall Living Learning Community, learn from peer mentors in the Support Squad, explore career path- ways at iConnect networking events with corporate partners and STEM role models, earn digital microcreden- tial badges through the WiSTEM Externship, and lead STEM outreach on campus and in the community on the WiSTEM Outreach Ambassador Team.
“During my college decision journey, I was faced with the choice between [unnamed school] and UT because of financial aid benefits and proximity to my family. After touring both campuses, I was equally impressed, seeing as both schools offered my major and a plethora of research opportunities. During my tour of UT, however, I was introduced to the WiSTEM community and was enchanted by the hospitality and leadership the students exuded. Upon learning more about this program and its mission, it was the prospect of being in WiSTEM that pushed me towards my final decision of coming to UT, so I am eager to be applying!” – Allie (Biology Undergraduate)
Welcome to our WiSTEM community! We look forward to supporting you on your STEM journey. Hook’em!

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