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W             E           L           C            O            M              E

                         Your Guide to Buying a Home in Albuquerque, New Mexico | Brought to you by Kinney Realty

                                                                               Albuquerque History
                                                                                A brief history of Albuquerque, its cul-
                                                                                ture and current population and housing
                                                                                stats as well as the average price of

                                                                               Homes in Albuquerque
                                                                                Southwestern Homes, Ranch Homes, Vic-
                                                                                torian Homes, Apartments, Lofts, Mod-
                                                                                ern, Tuscan, Spanish and so many more
                                                                                homes are available in Albuquerque.

                                                                               Homes in Rio Rancho
                                                                                Rio Rancho is West of I25. We will explore
                                                                                the homes and communities in Rio Ran-
                                                                                cho and what Rio Rancho has to offer in
                                                                                this section.

                                                                               Renting vs Buying
                                                                                Every housing market is constantly
                                                                                changing. Is it right for you to rent or to
                                                                                buy in Albuquerque? This is a ques-
                                                                                tion every person who moves must ask

                                                                               What to do in ABQ
                                                                                With all of this warm weather there is
                                                                                always something to do. Community
                                                                                Events, Art Events, the International
                                                                                Baloon Fiesta, Family Fun, Yearly Events,
                                                                                Specialty Events and more!

                                                                                There are so many different communi-
                                                                                ties in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho. Are
                                                                                you looking for a gated community? A
                                                                                home in the foothills? Want to be near
                                                                                the nightlife? I’ll explore all of these com-
              Albuquerque International Baloon Fiesta                           munities and their ameneties for you.
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