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 Yellow Dancing Orchids
Yellow Oncidium orchids, also know as dancing orchids, potted in a glided light weight paper mache container. Accented with 2 agate slabs, grape wood and preserved moss.
 Mother in Law Tongue
This striking faux plant is called a mother-in-law’s tongue or a snake plant. Its long, elegant leaves are realistic in both look and feel but require no care.
Cushioned with soft preserved moss at the base, this faux snake plant comes in a lightly gilded concrete container.
The variegated leaves and neutral container make this a perfect plant to tuck into an unused space to add some visual interest. It is also an ideal addition for the office, fitting into any style of décor or professional setting and adding an understated natural touch without the burden of maintenance.
T&C Floral Company - 2021 Catalog
  Price $199 Size 33L X 14W X 14H
  Price $69 Size 24L X 7W X 7H

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