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Preserved Roses in Concrete Bowl
  This beautiful arrangement features preserved roses from Ecuador, variations of orchid stems, succulents, and large pieces of Quartz placed in a dark brown wooden box. It’s like having a rose garden indoors - and the best part? You don’t have to water it! Surrounding the geodes is a collection of different faux succulents. Spiky, trailing, tufted, and more succulent features create a full garden effect highlighted by the beautiful gemstones. Cushioned on preserved moss, the arrangement is a gorgeous bo- nanza of texture and color.
The geode and faux succulent arrangement is housed in a modern concrete bowl, furthering the desert landscape feel. At 13 inches in diameter and 9 inches tall, this lovely piece will be at home on a table, desk, or coffee table.
Orange & Green Calcite
 $289 16L X 16W X 9H

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