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      Faux Marble Pods
Geodes are remarkable natural tricksters. On the outside, they’re plain old igneous or sedimentary rocks. Usually round, potato looking things, they hardly inspire a second look. But inside they hide a remarkable secret.
It is the geode that takes center stage in this modern arrangement. Nestled into preserved moss and set into a faux marble pod, this small piece has a big impact.
Baby Grass Succulent White Pod - F1802WG
$16 5L X 5W X 6H
Citrine Black Pod -
$19 7L X 7W X 6H
  Echeveria Succulent White Pod - F1801WG
$16 5L X 5W X 6H
Sedum Succulent White Pod - F1913WG
$16 7L X 7W X 6H
Smokey Quartz White Pod - S2020WS
$24 5L X 5W X 6H
   T&C Floral Company - 2021 Catalog

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