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Creative Drama I

        Ages 6-13
        Beginning and intermediate actors explore games and age-
        appropriate acting techniques. Characters and scene work
        (scripted and improvised) will be explored while students work
        in pairs or as an ensemble. Stage presence and vocal acting skills
        like  diction, projection, and inflection are taught and theatre
        terminology introduced.
        No singing is required.
        10 Weeks: Thursdays, April 1  – June 10  from 5 PM - 6 PM
        (no classes held on April 22 )
        Instructor: Dillon Tognacci
        Tuition: $120.00

        Young Actors Studio

        Ages 12-18 (audition required)
        Participants will explore musical and non-musical theatre in this
        company of players. They will learn text analysis as well as how to
        break down and prepare a scene.  The Young Actors Studio will
        perform throughout the year.

        Auditions held on Saturday, March 27  from 1 PM – 3 PM for new
        company members. Once you register, you will be contacted by the
        Education Director, Jenn Webb to arrange an audition.

        10 Weeks: Saturdays, April 3  – June 5  from 1 PM – 3 PM
        Technical Rehearsal will be held on Monday, June 7
        from 4 PM - 10 PM
        Show Title: Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure final performance - Tuesday, June 8  at 6:30 PM
        (Students arrive at 5 PM)
        Instructors: Corey Cadigan & Linda Barbieri
        Tuition: $300.00

        Acting II: Working on an Original Play

        Ages 13 to Adult
        Students will explore drama through improvisation, monologues,
        and scene work. Students learn to build characters through
        choices, actions, and emotions. This class will collaborate with the
        Directing course and Playwriting course. This class will culminate in
        a final showcase.

        10 Weeks: Wednesdays, March 31  – June 9
        from 7 PM - 8:30 PM (no classes held on April 21 )
        Showcase will be held on Monday, June 14  at 6:30 PM
        (Students arrive at 5 PM)
        Instructor: William Deschenes
        Tuition: $180.00

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