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Beginner Jazz

        Ages 13 to Adult
        Jazz is a style of dance that continues to evolve and can encompass
        such varied styles as classical, swing, hip hop and funk. Class begins
        with center warm up of isolations, stretching and conditioning.
        Students are taught correct body placement, terminology and short
        combinations reinforcing technique. This course will culminate in
        a final showcase.
        10 Weeks: Thursdays, April 1  – June 10
        from 6 PM-7:30 PM (no classes held on April 22 )
        Showcase will be held on Monday, June 14  at 6:30 PM
        (Students arrive at 5 PM)
        Instructor: Camryn MacIver
        Tuition: $180.00

        Adult Ballet

        Ages 14 to Adult
        This course is designed to provide adults an environment where they
        can learn formal classical training at a beginner’s level. Participants
        will be introduced to body placement/alignment, French vocabulary,
        barre, center and diagonal work. Technical components will be
        taught at a pace that is easy to comprehend, apply and execute.
        10 Weeks: Tuesdays, March 30  – June 8   from 6:30 PM - 8 PM
        (no classes held on April 20 )
        Instructor: Holly Etsey
        Tuition: $180.00

        Silver Steppers

        Ages 55 and up

        Silver Steppers is a dance based exercise class. Learn short combinations with choreography that is repeated
        each class. This is a fun and upbeat way to get your steps in each week!

        10 Weeks: Thursdays, April 8  – June 17  from 10 AM – 11 AM (no classes held on April 22 )
        Instructor: Jennifer Webb
        Tuition: $120.00

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