Page 31 - Autumn Brilliance - We Wish You A Scary Christmas! Winter 2020
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   I’ve always known about the Krampusnacht legend, but decided one day that I wanted to take on the challenge of adding Krampus to my collection of dolls.
I learned that in Germany and several other European countries, they REALLY go all out. So, after doing more digging, I saw how their masks were made and how incredibly detailed their costuming is. I wanted my own dolls to represent the craftsmanship of those beautiful, hand-crafted masks and preserve that tradition.
Halloween is one night a year (or a few nights for me) to transform into someone completely different, and have the best time doing it. Which is good, because people would start questioning my sanity if I slithered into Publix dressed as Medusa in mid-April. But I digress....
Once Halloween is over, the fun doesn't stop there! I still create my art dolls, but switch gears to Christmas. My favorite ones to make are reindeer and snowmen and, of course Krampus. And like my Halloween dolls, these guys keep the same “mildly disappointed” look on their faces. No smiles here, folks. I also keep the favorites like my pumpkins, skeletons, and bats with a winter scarf or Santa hat. You know, the classics.
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