Page 68 - Autumn Brilliance - We Wish You A Scary Christmas! Winter 2020
P. 68

   Dandy Beet Root Man wishes you a happy holiday season
  No Yuletide is complete without a visit from the Christmas Jellyfish!
  This ain’t the Island of Misfit Toys, fella
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a thieving, murderous amphibian
Maybe it was due to the overall crushing poverty of the masses. Or perhaps it was an after- effect of all the fine bathtub quality gin and absinthe ... we’ll never know.
What we do know is
that, by and large, most late-era Victorian holiday greeting cards had a definitely strange sense of esthetics, many of them bereft of warm sentiment and instead filled with images of violence and mockery. They were most certainly weird, yet oddly quaint, as judged by today’s standards.
Hallmark would’ve had a field day with these dillies!

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