Page 35 - Guidelines for VOs re-COVID 19 - Awwissu 2020
P. 35

Guidance Guidance on on on the Use Use of of Face Masks for Decreasing COVID-19 Virus Transmission (May 2020)
Guidance Guidance Guidance on on on Hand Hand Washing and and and Use Use of of Gloves (April 2020)
Guidance Guidance on on Hand Hand Sanitisers (from MCCAA) (March 2020)
3 World Health Organisation ©2020 [cited 19th May 2020] Available from https://www who int/emergencies/diseases/novelcoronavirus‐2019
4 European Resuscitation Council COVID Guidelines ©2020 [cited 19th May 2020] Available from https://erc edu/covid
Guidelines for Voluntary Organisations re-COVID-19
These guidelines are updated updated as on 21st August 2020 and shall shall be be regularly reviewed Any updated updated issue by the the Public Health Authority (PHA) shall shall be be communicated
to the the Voluntary Organisations accordingly 

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