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Department agreed that an RDO-canceled police officer who works third watch on his/her second RDO will have a minimum of nine hours before the next tour of duty — a measure that currently does not exist.
• Those police officers who have both RDOs canceled will receive priority treatment of time-due requests submitted pursuant to the negotiated time-due MOU, and this prior- ity will extend through the first full police period following the deployment. Further, police officers whose RDOs are canceled will be given the opportunity to find another po- lice officer on furlough to work for them instead.
• As part of any such deployments, generally, police officers will not be required to work more than 10 consecutive days unless emergency situations warrant. Finally, the Depart- ment will continue the practice of providing good faith con- sideration to police officers who request to retain their RDO where good cause is shown. Significantly, going forward, any police officer whose request is denied by an exempt commanding officer may appeal the denial to the appro- priate deputy chief.
• Most importantly, if Lodge 7 believes that any portion of this MOU has been violated, it will have the right to file a grievance that will proceed to expedited arbitration and be heard before Arbitrator Roumell, who will retain juris- diction for the next year. The arbitrator indicated that he would have the authority to fashion an appropriate remedy if the City is found to have violated the MOU.
• The parties will review the program at the end of the one- year trial term and determine its viability going forward.
My partner Catherine Chapman and I personally wish to thank those officers who had been willing to come forward and testify in support of the case. Their bravery in stepping up and
sharing their personal stories is matched only by their dedica- tion to law enforcement. Lodge 7 had been prepared to present six officers to explain how the past year impacted them and their families physically, psychologically and emotionally. This MOU is a way to alleviate some of the harm, stress and frustra- tion many police officers endured this past year, while at the same time force the City to comply with not only the specific terms of the contract, but also with the overall spirit and intent.
During the preparation of this case, Lodge 7 obtained nu- merous To/Froms (yes, nearly 400!) submitted by police offi- cers in various districts prior to the 2021 Memorial Day and Independence Day holiday weekends, in which they requested (in part) to have their canceled RDOs reinstated for a variety reasons. Surprisingly, all of them were approved.
Lodge 7 suggests that, in the future, if your RDOs are subject to being canceled when the City issues its Anticipatory Notice (especially around any holiday weekend), immediately submit a To/From to your supervisor or commander (and keep a copy for your records). Indicate the reason(s) you need to keep your RDOs, and explain the specific plans you made based on your contractually scheduled RDOs. Explain further the hardship you and your family will endure if the RDOs remain canceled. For example, you have an out-of-town wedding and purchased airline tickets, or you made reservations to get away with loved ones or have a family graduation. Be specific. Include any sup- porting documentation. The City is obligated to respond to your request. If denied, contact Lodge 7 to explore whether to file a grievance for expedited arbitration.
We will take one small victory at a time. Know that Lodge 7 and this administration will continue to fight for the health and safety of the men and women in blue.

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