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A few items for the fall session
The Illinois legislature will return for its fall ses- sion in late October. Since lawmakers have already addressed all legislation that the governor vetoed, their agenda will most likely be short. One issue that they do need to act upon is the redrawing of Illinois’ Congressional maps. The Illinois state leg- islative maps have been passed by the General As- sembly and signed by the governor already. There
are pending law-
will continue When the legislature October,wewillbework-
continued proposed re-
licing bill that was passed
successful in getting some
May, but there is still work to do.
the last few months with our allies at the State FOP, Sheriffs, Po- lice Chiefs and downstate prosecutors to seek changes to this new law. These discussions have been ongoing all year and have been productive. We are all working together to try to improve the law for public safety. Legislators regularly ask me what the solutions are to the crime issues in Chicago. They are concerned and want to help. As you know, the issues are multiple and com- plex. Together, we can make progress toward our goal.
suits on the maps, so we towatchthisissue.
 does reconvene in ing with them on visions to the po-
in January. We were revisions passed in We have been working for

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