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  The incident has touched people all around the world, including these kids from Minnesota, Orland Park and Prior Lake, who sold lemonade and donated their proceeds to the Yanez family.
decisions, because things may change. There could be a
plethora of things for you out there.
In 2007, Mullen took his mom’s special applesauce recipe and brought it to the public. Mullen’s Applesauce is now available in grocery stores nationwide, and he has built Mullen Foods into an amazingly successful business.
By his own reckoning, Jim is living a good life. He has his pas- sions and hobbies, which include his cars. He has become con- tent like everybody else to settle down at night and enjoy watch- ing Netflix. With 25 years of recovery experience, Mullen finds inspiration from Junior that he can reach heights no other Chica- go Police Officer who has been catastrophically injured has ever hit.
“I’m hoping he gets everything back that he can, and he will have options,” Mullen declared. “I hope the City still wants to
keep him engaged. Maybe he will teach at the academy. Maybe he will go back to school and go into law or something. And just keep pushing on, as the song goes.”
In one of her updates, Nicole reported that Junior is finding comfort in the song “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. The chorus seems to define #CarlosStrong and what he and Elizabeth and Josh are doing for police officers, the Department, the City and well, you know.
Lean on me
When you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on...
They have relentlessly reminded us that out of the ashes of this
incident are coming a lot of reasons to be inspired. And that leads to this update:
Yes, we believe in miracles.

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