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Henderson shared that McCloughan’s messages of resiliency, self-awareness and strength were life-changing. Gunning con- firmed Doc was on point with everything he presented, adding, “He’s a hero and he let us know that no matter what we are going through, we can do great things.”
OK to ask for help
McCloughan was 5 years old before he lived in a house with electricity and 8 before he had running water. He became a three-sport star in high school and even wanted to become a police officer before learning that he was too short to qualify for the Michigan State Police. His son is starting his 28th year as a lieutenant detective with the Michigan State Police. Do a Wiki search and read Doc’s bio to learn about how he coached more than 200 teams in one of his state’s most illustrious coaching careers.
Doc’s first statement to Lodge 7 members let them know how grateful he is for the blue line providing day-to-day protection of freedoms and liberties.
“I hope they walked away with the feeling that they are cared about,” McCloughan expressed about his presentations. “That we are put on this good Earth to serve people, and nobody does that better than those who wear the uniform, no matter what uniform.”
His most important message to members came when Doc revealed his own story about getting help, about finding some- body to talk to. He was reluctant to speak with a VA counselor. After consenting to do so, Doc learned that soldiers don’t know their own post-traumatic stress and how it’s there because you went to war and you’re not the same person when you come back.
The program featured yoga, massage therapy and entertainment, includ- ing Vietnam vets playing guitar throughout the day.
It’s a gradual change, he noted, that causes a conundrum of being the person who went to war, the civilian you used to be or someone in between. And how do you resolve or reconcile that?
“It’s OK for you to ask for help or go talk to somebody,” Doc confirmed. “That’s what I did, not even knowing I needed to. Once I found out I did need to do that and allowed my coun- selor into my private self, all of the sudden I was able to share things I had not shared ever with anybody.”
The cathartic exhale from the hall following McCloughan’s address seemed to echo throughout the City. And that escorted everybody out with a newfound feeling of comfort.

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