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Marine Unit officers answer the call and save three people
Marine Unit officers rescued three people who were out in Lake Michigan when a ferocious storm hit on Sept. 7. Officers received an emergency distress call at around 1 p.m. of a pad- dleboarder and two kayakers who were about a mile offshore from Montrose Harbor. They’d been blown off course by the 35-mile-per-hour treacherous wind conditions brought on by the storm.
Officer Joe Doane explained the efforts behind rescuing the group and why the victims were not able to reach Montrose Harbor without help.
“Their paddles blew away. It was almost like a kite. As we were going out, we could see the paddleboard flying up in the wind,” said Doane. “We continued to search for them and were quickly able to locate the gentleman on the paddleboard. He was off his paddleboard in the water. So we retrieved him out of the water onto our boat. We could see where the people on the kayak were. We proceeded over to their location and were able to get them out of their kayak onto our boat."
Because all three victims involved were wearing life jack- ets, no injuries occurred and no further medical attention was needed.
Doane pointed out that checking the weather forecast is all the more important now because lifeguards are no longer on duty along the Chicago beaches.
“It’s imperative that you are constantly checking for the weather conditions before you go out on that lake,” Doane said. “Lake Michigan’s weather can change in just minutes, and then situations change drastically and can become deadly. Also make sure you wear your life jacket at all times — waves on that lake can become very large and take you under.”
       With 13 family members serving as first responders, I understand and am grateful for your sacrifices.
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