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 rience it while he was alive, because it is amazing.”
Following the service, a wreath-laying ceremony took place at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, which features two 304-foot, blue-gray marble walls inscribed with the names of more than 22,000 officers killed in the line of duty.
Officers and family members walked around the Memorial to locate where the names of their loved ones are inscribed. Serrano watched as Salvatore and his family took an etching of Marco’s name. She had worked with Marco, along with another fallen Chicago Police Officer, Ti- tus Moore, and could only imagine the depth of losing a family member on the job. She said it’s heartbreaking enough to lose a colleague.
“There are days and nights that we work that will be embedded in our brains forever,” Serrano relayed. “Unfortunate- ly, I’ve [experienced] quite a few. We as police officers never forget.”
Lodge 7 members brought placards with photos and descriptions of the fall- en Chicago Police Officers to place at the wall. Officers from other departments placed patches, challenge coins and pic- tures there. Some even brought fallen officers’ motorcycles, helmets, boots and bike helmets.
Chiquita found Ronald’s placard and located his name on the wall. She thanked him for being her best friend and lover. And she thanked God for plac- ing him in her life, because now she can reminisce about the beautiful memories of her husband.
“He and I were [retiring] together this year,” Chiquita revealed. “We were sup- posed to be retired and enjoying life. But I have him in my heart and deep in my soul. He is retired with me.”
All the emotion and honor reminded that everybody will be here again in May for National Police Week 2022. And after his first experience proved to be unbe- lievably inspiring, DiSanti said he will certainly be going back then.
“Next year we’ll have more [people],
because it’ll be from this year and Ella French will be added as well,” DiSanti disclosed. “I will definitely be there to represent the FOP for that.”
Police Week served as an antidote for officers and family members who had a safe space to grieve alongside allies. It was a week of inspiring messages cou- pled with painful reminders of the sac- rifices law enforcement officers so will- ingly make. And it was an opportunity for members to welcome fallen officers’ families as their own.
“More than anything, it gives these families healing to know that they have support from a new family,” Ortiz de- clared. “They’re our family now.”
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