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Throughout the To/From, Commander White several times states a new requirement to impose activity levels and expectations, as they pertain to officer performance, homicides and shootings. Of particular concern is the last bullet point, which states, “Under-performing tactical officers will be informed of their insufficient activity and will be urged to increase this activity or be assigned back to watch operations.” Clearly, this is a new condi- tion of employment, which the City cannot change unilaterally. Indeed, any impact on officers’ dis- cipline and ability to retain assignments must be negotiated with the Lodge. To my knowledge, the Department has never imposed such draconian “quotas.” Nor has the Department ever threatened reprimand if quotas are not met.
I request that the Department reconsider this new directive and not change any terms and con- ditions of employment (especially dealing with discipline). Such actions not only run counter to the contract, but also will not foster good officer morale — at a time where morale is at an all time low.
Finally, please be advised that Lodge 7 is plac- ing the Department on notice that it objects to this new practice and reserves the right to explore any and all legal options available.
Shockingly, the Lodge did not receive any response. As sever-
al courageous police officers assigned to the 5th District came forward, Lodge 7 filed yet another unfair labor practice charge with the State Labor Relations Board. The underlying charge alleges a recurring practice by the City: that the Department unilaterally changed a condition of employment by requiring officers assigned to field operations in the 005th District to ei- ther increase their activity levels and expectations pertaining to overall officer performance, homicides and shootings, or face reprimand and be reassigned. In the To/From, the com- mander explained that the plan’s goal was not only to address officer performance, homicides and shootings but also, more significantly, to change the job requirements. Perhaps most alarming, however, is the new discipline that will be imposed against officers who do not meet these new requirements.
By engaging in this new practice, the Department unilater- ally changed police officers’ conditions of employment by im- posing new requirements which did not exist prior to the of- ficers accepting their positions of employment. The City also unilaterally implemented discipline for not meeting these new standards — all without first notifying and bargaining with the Lodge. When will the Department learn it is prohibit- ed from doing so?
Once assigned to a board agent, the investigation undoubt- edly will take some time to unfold. However, the Lodge will continue to make sure the Department complies with its ob- ligations. In the meantime, if any officer is harmed as a result of this misconduct in the 5th District, you are urged to contact your unit rep or the Lodge directly.

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