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would like the bosses – commanders on up, primarily - not to take everything so personally. But they realize that might not happen until there is a new super- intendent. Or a new mayor, perhaps one who has been a Chicago Police Officer.
Members would like the bosses to re- spect the blue shirts, remember the days when they wore the blues and even go back there every now and again. Or that they would come into a roll call to offer more praise for a successful outcome on a call or a significant arrest. Even super- visors buying pizza for the watch could have an impact on the manpower out- age.
Munguia believes that because the leadership continues to throw wrenches in the works, “People are saying, ‘I don’t want to be the police,’ because it’s not a job that is enticing at this point.” Diaz theorizes that leadership’s pressure to get the numbers up is getting in the way of real work and driving away the real po- lice.
“If we’re going to do proactive police work, we need to know the mayor and the superintendent have our back to do it right,” Sanchez requests. “Officers need support. That’s all I think they want. When I do some good, don’t be afraid to pat me on the back and tell me, ‘Man,
Excess scrutiny, oversight and demands from the Department are wearing out beat cops and driving them away in droves.
 good work.’ Those little things go a long way, and you just don’t hear that from the bosses enough anymore.”
Perhaps the most divisive impact of all this is the way it is eroding the broth- erhood that has always been integral to the staying power of Chicago Police Offi- cers. Perhaps members need to put that on themselves by organizing social out- ings for their watches. Not going out and drinking, but bowling and barbecues.
Lodge 7 has been promoting that by taking its new food trailer to as many dis-
tricts as possible and giving members an opportunity to get together without hav- ing to worry about where to do the next PCI.
There does, however, appear to be something that’s keeping it together.
“I’m not sure if it’s sheer will or just something we are getting used to,” Mun- guia contends. “A lot of officers still want to go the extra mile but feel or fear they can’t.”
Perhaps that is why so many are look- ing for a way out.
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