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ThirdVice President’s Report
A call for unused vests
 I recently had a conversation with a retired Chi- cago copper. He informed me that the City of Dix- moor does not buy ballistic vests for its police of- ficers. So if you have any old vests that you do not use anymore and are just laying around the house gathering dust, please send them to the FOP and I will take them out to Dixmoor.
I cannot understand how this city does not buy vests for its officers. It’s unimaginable and ridicu- lous that these coppers should have to go out on
the street without any kind of protection. I spoke with Chief Burge, Dixmoor’s chief of police, who said they would gladly take whatever vests we can get to them, because something is better than nothing. Whatever vests they do not use, I can store either at the FOP or in my house. I am sure that there are oth- er police departments which do not have any kind of vests for their officers. If you happen to know of any other departments that need vests for their officers, give me a call at the FOP.
We have had a surge in DUI arrests for off-duty coppers. La- dies and gentlemen, if you are going to have a couple of pops with your partners after work or go out on a date, consider tak- ing a Lyft, an Uber or a taxi. It is cheaper to pay for a $50 Uber or taxi then to have to pay a $5,000 retainer for an attorney to
represent you at your DUI hearing — and that is just the start. Some officers have paid upwards of $25,000 to have their DUI cases handled.
Trust me, I understand, especially during this COVID situ- ation. Couples are seeing each other more during this lock- down than they probably have in some time. If the person you are spending a lot of time with (more than you are used to) is starting to wear thin on you and you feel like cutting loose, think about getting a ride or maybe staying overnight. You love them, but you do not necessarily like them. Do not drive drunk. Buzzed drinking is drunk driving.
I wrote about this issue before, but it must be brought up again because it keeps happening. If you need to go to the gym or for a run and you have your firearm with you, do not leave it in a gym bag or under the car seat. If you believe that you are just going to run into the house or run into the shop at the gas station just for a minute and your weapon is going to be secure, rethink that decision and take your gun with you. Get a safe or a lockbox that is hidden and attached to the vehicle. It is cheaper to buy the vehicle safe than to take a five-day suspension and have to replace your “little friend.”
As always, be safe, stay healthy and remember: no lawyer, no statement.

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