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Recording Secretary’s Report
Let’s show up in Indianapolis
 Greetings again, Lodge 7 members. I have much to discuss. I have a challenge for many of you who read the magazine: We want you to attend the Na- tional FOP Conference. I have been discussing this at the general meetings, which have great turnouts, but we always want more members to attend. FYI, we have food and beverages at the end of the meet- ing. What cop doesn’t like to be fed?
Anyway, the Lodge is asking you to attend the Na- tional FOP conference in Indianapolis on Aug. 19 of this year. The goal is to have 300 members be del- egates and vote on that date for our national FOP
leadership. The conference runs from Aug. 15 to 19. The large turnout will show everyone that Lodge 7 has the biggest voice as the biggest FOP lodge in the country. It’s a building block for future events, especially local elections.
You, the members, are the backbone and the heart and soul of our Lodge. Please attend more general meetings and come on out to Indy so we can display our strong membership base. Please contact me at the Lodge or at for full details.
Contract violation averted
I was given an incident in a district that did not properly con- duct their watch relief bids in accordance with our contract. I was able to get proof of no C.O. book postings or even reading the posting at the roll calls. The bottom line is, if something does
not look or sound right, bring it to our attention at the Lodge immediately. We got the watch selection reposted, and re-bids were done for the watch relief position. The contract issue was resolved. We cannot solve an issue if we do not know it exists. Remember, teamwork makes the FOP work.
Military leave concerns
As the co-chair of the Military Committee, I receive many calls regarding leave of absence and military differential pay. If you have any issues or questions, do not hesitate to call or email me so I can assist you. Currently, the Military Committee has discussed and looked over what the department needed to do to have an updated and required employee resource regarding military leave. That should be out sometime this year, after it is vetted properly.
Mental resiliency
Members, we all know that this is a very tough time to be a cop. If you see other members who are struggling, be there for them. We are brothers and sisters, and we understand each oth- er better. Also let us know at the Lodge; we will always do our best to help our members. The anxiety, the political climate, the attack on our noble profession have been unprecedented. Take a tactical breath and a time-out to realize that you are the thin blue line. The good people depend on us and appreciate the sacrifice and dedication. Don’t lose sight of that.
God bless you, and may He keep you safe on and off duty.

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