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Last month, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law HB 3653, a bill also known as the “Criminal Jus- tice and Police Reforms Bill.” As I’m sure you have read here and in many other places, the bill pur- ports to “reform” police and “improve” how things will be for the people of Illinois. The reality is there are many portions of the bill that will not only fail to live up to that high standard but in fact have the potential to make our city and state less safe. This is not fear-mongering, like so many politicians like Pritzker have said on multiple occasions to the me-
dia; this is reality. This bill is bad for Illinois.
Here’s the important lesson, though: the bill passed the Sen-
ate by a vote of 32 to 23 and the House on a vote of 60 to 50. Those are very small numbers. Both Democrats and Republi- cans voted against this bill — if only there were more members of the General Assembly who supported our efforts.
There can be.
The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 will soon begin looking for candidates to run in the March 15, 2022 primary election. The Lodge is looking for both Democrats and Republicans and will support them in every way possible, including increasing fi-
nancial support to candidates through the FOP Political Action Committee (PAC).
We plan to back all candidates who will support our member- ship, choosing candidates we know will support the important work that our members do every day across the city. We will also back members of the General Assembly who have supported our previous efforts and those who voted against HB 3653.
Do you know anyone that you think would be a good can- didate for public office? It could be your wife, your sister, your next-door neighbor, that dad who volunteers at the food pan- try or works on the local school board — anyone who you be- lieve would be a candidate who would represent not only law enforcement but each and every community in the city in the Illinois legislature.
If you know of a potential candidate, please contact the Lodge.
It’s time for us to stand up, run for office and get people elect- ed who will support — truly support — the people of Chicago and the entire state of Illinois.
March 15, 2022 is the primary election, and we have no time to lose. We need to ensure that the Illinois legislature supports our members, our families and every community in Chicago.
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March 15, 2022: Election Day
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