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  Chicago’s new mayor makes visit to Springfield
The Illinois General Assembly will be in session virtually every weekday in the month of May, as it works toward its scheduled adjournment date of May 31.
Chicago’s new mayor came to Springfield to meet with Governor Pritzker, the four legislative leaders and dozens of rank-and-file members. The visit was described as positive and produc- tive. I had an opportunity to meet with her during
her visit, and we had a brief conversation about Chicago po- lice issues. I found her to be engaging, intelligent and person- able. While we may have some disagreements as time goes on, we look forward to working with her new administration.
Many bills pending in the Illinois legislature impact polic- ing, and we are watching them and working with other inter- ested parties on them. We have been able to stop many of the not-so-good ideas so far, but May is a big month for the legis- lature. We will remain vigilant.
In other news, Chicago will get a new state representative in May, as Melissa Conyers Ervin won her race to become Chica- go’s new city treasurer.
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