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us,” Johnson said. “These sacrifices that these officers make, it’s our obligation after that’s done to not only honor them, but to let their families know that we’ll never forget. Because we can’t.”
Ending this rendition of the Chicago Lodge 7 Memorial Ser- vice on a high note was bequeathed to Robles. As a member of the Chicago Police Department Honor Guard, it’s been his hon- or to blow “Taps” at many a memorial. He has played at Nation- al Police Week in Washington, D.C., and there are those who say Robles is one of the best in the country at this honor.
The higher calling inspires Robles to make each offering of “Taps” more resonating than the last.
“Whenever an artist, whether it’s a painter or a sculptor or even a musician or a singer does something like that, it’s tech- nical and it’s also an expression,” he described. “So, you’re ex- pressing to those souls that are out there in the sky listening.”
Robles reasoned that what distinguishes this memorial cer- emony is those who volunteered to be here. He believes that comes from their service backgrounds, which breeds a commit- ment to honoring that can be best expressed here.
“This is a homecoming for Chicago Police Officers,” Robles continued. “This is a time that we can move on, that we can heal and just get back together, do something that’s memorable, do something that’s positive and look forward to what’s ahead for us.”
When day was done, there was a slight hint of the sun. And from the lake, from the hills, from the sky, all was well. The
Officer Rich Robles ends the service by playing “Taps.”
amazing grace of the Chicago Lodge 7 Memorial Service had brought officers safe thus far, and their grace will forever lead the family members of fallen officers home to safely rest.
Graham remarked that they had answered the call without question, proud and courageous. He could have been referring to those lost in the line of duty. But really to all Chicago Police Officers.
And then Superintendent Johnson found the words to aptly convey the power of this day.
“Thank you for giving us the strength and courage to contin- ue on,” he stated. “Remember the proud legacy.”
Chicago Lodge 7 Memorial Service
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