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   Illinois Police Officers Memorial
  consecutive year because of the weather. “The people of Illinois grieve with you each and every day, yet we also remember their courage, their bravery, their commitment to serving the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. Our state is a better place be- cause of them.”
Hailing from the 19th District, Officer Armando Martinez knew Bauer and Marmolejo in passing, yet the sting of their deaths is no less significant.
“It still hurts to see a brother pass. Seeing everybody here, everyone’s supporting each helps a lot [to be here]. It helps plenty,” Martinez said.
Still, moving forward doesn’t come with a script. What might look easy or comforting for one officer might not be for another. Officer Jim Rybolt recognizes it’s a “delicate balance” for officers who want to be supportive while knowing that events such as this can bring back bad memories.
“The upside is the camaraderie and the healing we do by sharing in our pain amongst each other,” Rybolt explained.
Members from each of the four families wore their emotions for all to see once again. One group at a time, they received hugs and best wishes from Illinois public officials, who took a special moment to talk or give an extra smile to the children of the of- ficers.
The families cried. Marmolejo’s daughter put her hands to her mother’s face to console her. The sound of “Taps” and “Amazing Grace” echoed around scores of somber faces. The emotions weren’t limited to everyday people thrust into this painful spot- light.
The Chicago Police Department Pipes and Drums Unit plays “Amazing Grace” and “Taps” to conclude the Illinois Police Officers Memorial.
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