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 A very ‘hoppy’ FOP Auxiliary tradition continues
Chicago Lodge 7 members and their families enjoy a day of Easter fun
With all the hard work and sacrifices that police officers make, those times when they are able to relax and celebrate a holiday with their families are cherished moments. In 1993, the Chicago FOP Auxiliary began a tradition that brings police families together for such a time and it has become a hallmark celebration.
On April 13, the Chicago FOP Auxiliary hosted the 26th annu- al Lunch with the Easter Bunny at the FOP Hall. The celebration was complete with a visit from the Easter Bunny.
This year’s event also included an unforgettable magic show. Children of Lodge 7 members participated in an Easter egg hunt and even received some special Easter candy, including choco- late bunnies.
According to FOP Family Auxiliary President Angie Haynes, a crowd of 165 attendees were treated to lunch sponsored by
America’s Dog. And the spring celebration would not have been complete without Hayes’ delicious homemade Easter-themed cookies, which took two days to make in her own kitchen.
But all of the hard work was well worth it for Haynes, who cherishes a tradition that has brought families together for de- cades.
“I love seeing the same people come and enjoying such a ter- rific event,” Haynes shared. “It’s great seeing all of the officers bring their kids.”
Some of the families have attended the event for 10 con- secutive years. But, no matter how many officers and families decide to come back each year, Haynes explains that the most enjoyable part of the lunch is the sense of camaraderie among members.
“Being there with their families and showing that there is a possibility of being together at the holidays is what it’s all about,” Haynes confirmed.
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