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  Worth Fighting For
17th annual Battle of the Badges boxing packs a special punch
When 5th District Officer Philip Mill- er stepped into the Battle of the Badges boxing ring, he felt an extraordinary pres- ence in his corner. Seconds into his bout, Miller landed a left hook that knocked Firefighter Jose De La Rosa to the canvas. Seconds before the first round ended, Miller hit De La Rosa with a flurry of lefts and rights.
That one was for Eduardo Marmole- jo, his 005 brother. And that one was for Conrad Gary, his other 005 brother. And that one was for the 5th District and all the sorrow it endured during the past year.
Pulling no punches, Miller led the Chi- cago Police Department boxing team’s crusade for fallen officers, including Samuel Jimenez and the other 542 lost in the line of duty. And for their families. And for the Department.
With each punch, with each step into
the ring, the roar of the most raucous crowd to attend any CPD sporting event rocked the DeLaSalle Institute gymnasi- um on April 12. A night that raises near- ly $100,000 for police and fire charities achieved the ultimate personification with the crescendo of Miller’s victory.
“This bout was for them. Everything is with that motivation. We took a lot this past year, so we definitely had to repre- sent,” Miller proclaimed. “It’s something you can’t describe. When you get under those lights, you know where you’re sup- posed to be. It’s an honor.”
The 17th annual Battle of the Badges charity boxing exhibition was once again a night full of honor. And courage and commitment. And an opportunity for the city’s public safety sisters and broth- ers to trade blows during the bouts and hugs afterward.
CPD made a courageous comeback as the battle for the Battle of the Badg- es Champions Trophy came down to the last of 10 bouts. Eric Bianchini, an officer
5th District Officer Philip Miller gets ready to land a punch in his Battle of the Badges boxing match against Firefighter Jose De La Rosa. Miller ultimately won the bout.
in Area North Saturation Unit 213, and 003 Officer Fred Sanchez scored victories to bring the overall score to 5-4 with fire- fighters leading. Though CFD won the final bout and the trophy, the reward of fighting for the Chicago Police Memori- al Foundation, Ignite The Spirit and The Chicago Fire Department Gold Badge Society, among other organizations, made all the late nights and early morn- ings of training a duty of honor.
“They did everything. They put it all on the line. They worked hard and fought as a team,” praised Nathaniel Myles, an 007 officer who coached the CPD team. “I thought we were going to pull it out, but at the end of the day, we’re always go- ing to push. We’re always going to fight. There’s no giving up.”
The night did take on the feel of a heavyweight boxing card Chicago-style with the presence of noteworthy fans. Chicago White Sox legend Ozzie Guil- len was on hand to present belts to the fighters after one bout. All fighters were

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