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for a Funeral Home with a chapel
when the funeral doesn’t need to be held at the chapel
 We are Mural Funeral Group and Mitzvah Memorial Funerals We don’t have chapels, and we don’t have the overhead funeral homes have Funeral homes with chapels charge $4,500 to $7,000 for their services Our charge for a graveside funeral service is $2,995*
Our caskets are also priced signifificantly less than most funeral homes with chapels charge: • Starting at $550 for a cloth casket
• $950 for a pine box or metal casket in 4 colors
• $1,850 for a metal casket thats seals closed - 5 colors to choose from
with police or other emblems or a choice of finished wood caskets
The services we provide are extremely professional and compassionate We treat each family as if they are our own!
The best choice for graveside funerals Or funerals from your church or synagogue (yours or those that rent)
Main office and mortuary facility:
3100 Dundee Road #801 Northbrook, IL 60062 Offices available throughout Chicago.
Funeral Directors:
Lloyd Mandel, Seymour Mandel, Cheri Mandel William Goodman and Olivia Varo
We accept prepaid funerals made with other funeral firms In most cases we refund thousands of dollars
 *Embalming, limousine or services at a Church or Synagogue additional

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