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The Making of a Masterpiece
The Dalmore Luminary No. 2—2024 Edition is a masterpiece realized through a collaboration between luminary architect Melodie Leung, director at Zaha Hadid Architects, and The Dalmore’s award-winning luminary whisky maker Gregg Glass, in partnership
with master distiller Richard Paterson OBE. The edition celebrates the worlds of whisky mastery and architectural design through the exploration of flavour and form.
This one-of-a-kind limited edition—360 bottles, to be exact—is inspired by Melodie’s childhood flavour experiences of roasted chestnuts, while Gregg was drawn to exceptionally rare, peated Dalmore casks.
The Luminary 2024 Edition is available this spring exclusively at BC Liquor Stores on June 15, 2024.
The Luminary 2024 Edition: photo courtesy of The Dalmore.

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