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Into the Mystic
At Paradero Todos Santos, it’s all about experiencing the magical landscapes of Baja California.
By Randi Bergman
With its endless mountain ranges, dense cacti forests, and sprawling desert landscapes, Baja California sometimes feels more like Arizona than Mexico. Other times, it feels like something plucked right out of your fantasies. Mexico’s westernmost state, a peninsula that juts out of California’s southern tip, is separate from the country’s mainland in geography, beauty, and culture. And it holds so many unique treasures, one of which is Paradero, a relaxed boutique hotel that allows guests to commune with nature in a completely immersive way.
Located near the surf town of Todos Santos on Baja’s southern Pacific Coast (an hour-and-a-half drive
from Los Cabos airport), Paradero is a retreat for the wellness and aesthetically inclined. Its earthy take on neo-Brutalism stretches across five acres of untouched farmland, with 41 suites housed in curvy triangular structures—their shape a nod to one of Mayan culture’s most sacred symbols. The surrounding landscapes
are incorporated into the design of the suites, many of which have panoramic views to take it all in (wake
up early enough to catch the sunrise and you won’t be sorry). Each suite is designed to be an indoor-outside experience—even a stroll to your shower means basking in the locale’s tranquil setting. The showers themselves open directly to the outdoors, so you can watch the sunset while conditioning your hair. Suites are decked out with sunbeds, hot tubs, and “star nets”—hammocks that float in midair—to encourage deep forays into mindful relaxation. A 130-foot infinity pool offers a similarly serene set-up against the backdrop of desert terrain and a palm tree oasis in the distance.
Guests can partake in morning yoga, beach hikes, and meditation sessions at no extra cost. Meanwhile, massages (some of the best we’ve ever experienced) take place in the heart of Paradero’s botanical garden, home to more than 20,000 plants, from red sand verbena to Mojave yucca. Much of what is served at the hotel’s restaurant is sourced from this garden and nearby farms, and the menu melds Mexican, Japanese, and French cuisines. Highlights include shrimp zarandeado, and, of course, tostadas with corn tortilla that is made as you watch.
To cap off your voyage in style, guests can book excursions aboard Paradero’s luxury catamaran, which sails along the Gulf of California for day or overnight trips. Snorkel in underwater caves, swim up to a beachside picnic, dolphin spot, and clink your margaritas under the Milky Way—the experience is truly unforgettable.
This fall, Paradero will open the Villa Suites, 24 ultra-luxe homes perfect for large groups and families. The villas will have their own infinity pool, skate park, and a southern-Italian eatery, ensuring the kids are entertained while you’re busy experiencing corporeal delights.

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