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It’s been a long time since you’ve seen a movie in theatres. And while we’re just as ex- cited as you are to eat a $17 bag of popcorn while watching Vin Die- sel drive a car out of a plane that’s 30,000 feet in the air or something, it’s time for a refresher on cinema etiquette.
Snack appropriately. That doesn’t mean we don’t recommend sneaking some treats into the theatre (wear something bulky with plenty of pockets), but please, nothing smelly or exceptionally loud.
No talking. No clever quips. Zip it! Silencio. (No making out either, while we’re at it.)
Sure, you can clap during the credits if you want, I guess, but let’s refrain from giving the main character a hand during the movie, lest it take other viewers out of what is supposed to be an immersive ex- perience.
Don’t discuss key plot points and third-act twists when exiting the theatre. Wait five min- utes, and then you can pretend you’re Roger Ebert and dissect all the plot holes and muddily developed characters inside your car.
Fly, Fly Away
Three destinations to set your sights on as travel gets set for take off BY SEAN MALLEN
AFTER MANY LONG MONTHS OF LOCKDOWNS, PUBLIC HEALTH WARNINGS, AND DREARY pandemic life, travellers are ready to feed their pent-up longings to go somewhere, anywhere. The luxury market is leading the way in fulfilling those urges, as bookings surge. “Many people have pan- demic fatigue, so planning and looking forward to their future travel gives them great joy,” says Kemi Wells, president of Wells Luxury Travel in Vancouver.
High-end destinations adapted quickly to the new reality: elegant social distancing is a new essential in luxury accommodations, with many relying on innovative technologies to unobtrusively support public health measures. Despite all the new tech and clever arrangements, there’s little replacement for getting outside and simply enjoying the open air.
From the rustic Scottish Highlands to timeless Greek islands to a lush Central American rainforest, here are three extraordinary destinations where you can indulge yourself in safety as the world reopens.
On the shoulders of the rugged Scottish Highlands, nestled in the historic village of Braemar, the Fife Arms was once a hunting lodge for Queen Victo- ria. After undergoing a two-year restoration, it exudes Victorian style while offering ample opportunity to sample traditional Scottish outdoor life — in large part thanks to its setting amid the ancient woodlands of Cairngorms National Park. Ask the gillies (concierges) to recommend hikes into the magnificent Grampian Mountains, to set you up with a nearby shooting estate, or to arrange salmon fishing with a local instructor in the River Dee. After a long day in the open air, take the edge off with a wee dram of whisky (only tourists call it “Scotch”) from among the 365 different brands in the hotel’s Bertie’s Bar, named after Queen Victoria’s oldest son (later King Edward VII), who was known for his love of the high life.
Social distancing is easy when every suite and villa has an open-air entrance, a large private terrace, and its own pool. That’s what the newly opened Kales- ma offers on the Greek island of Mykonos. As a boutique five-star property, Kalesma already had plenty of elbow room in its public spaces, including elegant al fresco dining with a panoramic view of the Aegean and contactless access to both restaurant and room service menus. Spa treatments are offered in the privacy of your suite, as are private yoga lessons or personal training. Mykonos is known as a party island, but Kalesma provides guests with the opportunity for a deeper, bespoke experience — including a cruise to a secluded cove or a tour of the sacred island of Delos.
When it opened a couple of months before the pandemic, Nayara Tented Camp already had built-in public health advantages: spa treatments in the open air, covered restaurants in the outdoors, and walking trails around the property that travel through a sloth sanctuary and along an armadillo path. It’s glamping elevated to a new level: luxurious, air-conditioned tents perched high above the Costa Rican rainforest blend in with the natural landscape and offer spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano. These are not the pup tents you remember from your childhood. Each has its own plunge pool fed by natural hot springs and a four-poster bed with canopy. Arrive in style on Nayara’s private plane and hike through the lush Arenal Volcano National Park. Owner Leo Ghitis is a model of responsible management, making special arrangements for all his employees so that Nayara was the first hotel in Latin America to boast 100 per cent vaccinations.

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