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At Tharpe Engineering Group, we endeavor to provide unsurpassed technical consul ng services driven by a sincere investment in our clients and a spirit of stewardship for the built environment. We are located in Savannah, Georgia, just minutes from the Atlan c Ocean and 125 miles south of Charleston, South Carolina, an area of highly concentrated sesimic poten al. These geographic features create a unique and challenging environment in which to prac ce structural engineering. Having dealt with the challenges of seismic and wind engineering for over twelve years in the area, our  rm has the knowlesge and experience necessary to provide our clients with safe, cost- e ec ve, and construc ble designs that will withstand all environmental constraints. Our  rm has extensive experience in the design of new construc on u lizing structural steel, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, precast concrete, concrete masonry, cold- formed steel, insula ng concrete form systems, and  mber.
In addi on to our design capabili es, our  rm has prac cal experience in the assessment and structural evalua on of exis ng structures. We are par cularly experienced with adap ve reuse projects, which focus on altera ons and addi ons to exis ng facili es to accommodate new occupancies. Our  rm is rou nely tasked with analyzing and repairing historic and an quated structural systems, and we are knowledgeable on current code requirements corresponding to the modi ca on of such systems. Our  rm is recognized for our ability to u lize this knowledge in order to incorporate preserva on technology and period appropriate materials into exis ng historic structures, many of which are more than 200 years old in our prac ce area.

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