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         From the                               AlumniSpotlight: Ryan McFadyen ’09

 Alumni Board                                    Editor’s Note: For this edition of the newsletter
                                                 we’re shining the Spotlight on Brother Ryan
        When I joined                            McFadyen ’09. From the hometown Pickerington,
                             TKE Omicron,        OH, Ryan graduated from OSU with a B.S.Ed.,
                     we were in the midst        Exercise Science Education, Minor in Nutrition
                     of a membership             ’09. He continued his education at OSU and
                     reorganization after        earned his MBA in General Management.
                     fallout in the late 90’s.   Ryan had the opportunity to study abroad
                     The house I joined          in International Business at China Europe
                     was a small one by          International Business School. He later became
                     any standard but we         the International Distribution Manager at Rogue
knew we were part of a chapter with a            Fitness. Today, Ryan is the owner of his own fitness
big history. And the small size of our           club, Ohio Strength. In addition to his success in
chapter allowed for a particularly strong        business, Ryan recently became engaged to his
brotherhood. Of course, our goal was             fiancé, Lacey Best, while in Costa Rica. For fun,
to put the chapter on a solid footing so         he enjoys travel, snowboarding, CrossFit, and
that it could regain its historically large      spending time with family.
membership. And it wasn’t long after
I had graduated that we were able to say        What did you enjoy as an active chapter my decision to return to Ohio State for my MBA.
that the chapter was 100+ men strong.
  I got involved with the Board of              member back in school?                             My undergrad was in Exercise Science and
Control a short while later and have
served for nearly ten years now. In               Omicron was an integral part of my social        Nutrition so going back for that MBA allowed
this time, I have witnessed tremendous          experience during my undergrad years, allowing     me to develop a more concrete skill set for the
institutional growth and maturity on both       me to bond with young men from a variety of        business world.
the Board and undergraduate side.
  The undergraduate chapter was                 backgrounds that I possibly would not have         Once back at Ohio State for your MBA, how
awarded multiple Top TKE awards and             encountered elsewhere. I was involved in a         did you end up in China?
saw its membership flourish. It also            number of other organizations during those years,
regained its financial footing. And while       but Omicron was a place that I could really let loose I chose China because I felt like it was a
there have inevitably been ups and downs        and enjoy myself, while surrounded by friends. bit off the beaten path. I wanted to see one
over these ten years, I can say without                                                            of the explosive emerging economies that had
reservation that the undergraduate men
have been excellent stewards of our             After graduation,                                  become so important in the global
legacy. And, true to form, they have
learned a great deal about themselves in        why did you move                                   marketplace.
the process.
  The Board has made great strides in           out to Colorado?
this time as well. We established bylaws
together with an efficient institutional             In my last                                    What was it like working
framework under which we continue to            couple of years                                    for Rogue Fitness as the
operate to this day. And we undertook
the harder task of reconnecting with our        of undergrad, I                                    International Distribution
alumni – many of whom had not heard
from the chapter in decades. These              wasn’t 100% what                                   Manager?
alumni have started to come back to
the chapter in droves through various           I wanted to do after                               Rogue Fitness was an exciting
outreach and alumni events hosted at
the house. While we are sure the alumni         college, and we                                    company to work for a number

        President (Continued on Page 3)         were at the peak        Ryan hanging               of reasons. As the leading
                                                of the recession so     out with his               manufacturer of American
    TKE TKE TKE                                 options for those       nephew, Chandler,          made strength and conditioning
                                                without a clear         at his birthday,           equipment, it was closely

                                                direction were          September 2014. related to both my exercise and

                                                limited. I took                                    business interests. Being located

                                                this opportunity to                                in Columbus was a huge perk

                                                throw caution to the wind and join some of my because after living in Colorado, Michigan and
                                                fraternity brothers in Colorado. I simply wanted China I determined that I wanted to remain close
                                                to try something different and step outside of to family, friends and The Ohio State University.
                                                my comfort zone a bit. Colorado was beautiful It was a rapidly expanding startup company
                                                place, and working with my friends helped guide
                                                                                                   McFadyen (Continued on Page 4)
                                                TKE TKE TKE TKE
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