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Spring 2014 | Alumni Relations Offce | P.O. Box 80828, Atlanta, Georgia 30366 | 770-903-3987 From the Alumni Spotlight: Alumni President David A. Corn ’02 n January of 2011, towards I the end of my time on the professional staff, I found For this edition of The Lamppost, we’re shining the Spotlight on Frater David myself in the dining room Corn ’02. From his hometown of Cleveland, OH, Dave went on to earn his BA of a vacant TKE house in in Consumer Affairs at Ohio State. Our past Epiprytanis and house resident Oxford, Ohio with another for two years, Dave is currently working as an Vice President with Comstock staff member, Greg. We had & Theakston, Inc. He is a Licensed Customhouse Broker and is also an active a meeting later that night member of the AAEI Drawback and Duty Deferral Committe, NCBFAA Drawback Committee, and the NYNJFFF&BA, where he serves on the Board of Governors. with a group of around 10 Dave has worked very hard to get to where he is today – from working his way young men who were interested in restarting the through college, to working in sales after graduation, and making his path into a Delta-Xi Chapter at Miami University. career in drawback. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling across the US with his Greg and I had a few hours until our meeting, family, playing a round of golf, and serving as a Youth Leader alongside his wife when we would get to know the group and Danielle at their church. He is also an active blogger with his brother on their work with them to build a foundation for a shared site Splintered Kernels. Read on to fnd out more! successful chapter – so we started cleaning the house. We spent the next few hours washing What did you enjoy most “I’m always trying at Ohio State, I had given her the walls and mopping the foors, taking care of while living in the chapter my TKE letters on a necklace; what was likely left behind a few years before to pick things then, after being in NJ for 6 by the last few members of a dying chapter that house? months, I asked her to marry me. had been lacking in many areas – including There was always someone who up and This July we’ll celebrate 9 great their alumni support. was there to hang out with. If you learn.” years of marriage, so you could say As you’ll see in this issue, Omicron is as wanted to get a bite to eat (regardless strong as ever and our collegiate members have of what time it was), someone was I’m happy I made the move! worked hard to improve in many areas. Now there and ready to go. If you wanted to it’s time to show our support as Omicron alumni throw the football around in the oval in- What did sales and market research – so I’m asking for your help. Whether that’s between classes, it was easy to fnd someone teach you that you were able to use attending the next alumni event, contributing for that, too. There were opportunities for later on in your career? to the annual fund, sending in an update for friendships that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, Being able to delve into why a person would the newsletter, or helping us locate our missing and I appreciated that. make a certain purchase was intriguing to alumni, you can help Omicron be even more me. It was the reasoning behind the customer successful. With improved alumni support, we After graduation, why did you make a behavior that made the research so interesting. can show our undergraduate fraters that TKE home in New Jersey? I learned a lot from that, specifcally how I really is a fraternity for life. My freshman year, before I had moved to needed to prioritize my work. I had to take the I’m not asking anyone to help mop the main campus, I visited a friend at Grove City data, analyze it, come up with the fndings and foors – but I would like to see our Omicron College in PA. He introduced me to one of his present them; those opportunities opened other newsletters become fnancially self-sustaining, friends, a girl that I quickly fell for. We dated doors for me to be successful. Learning how rather than an investment supported from the all through college and after graduation, with to balance different tasks simultaneously has undergraduate budget. Please consider giving her home in New Jersey and mine in Ohio, the helped me to juggle so many things at once in to the annual fund even at the lowest level. It long-distance aspect of the relationship wasn’t my current position. makes a difference and helps guarantee that going to work any longer. I decided to move to you’ll always have a place for a free meal on NJ to be closer to her. During my senior year What do you enjoy most about your work Homecoming weekend. with Comstock & Theakston? The Delta-Xi Chapter grew to more than 70 members in just two years and won a Top In my business, you never know what to expect from outside sources on any given day. There TKE Chapter award in 2013, an effort that might be requests from Customs & Border was strongly supported by involvement and support from their alumni members. Omicron Protection, claims to be fled on behalf of our is a contender to win the Top TKE award this clients, a review of legislation being proposed year for the frst time since 2010 – look for an before Congress, or a series of meetings with update early this summer. different local and national associations on how effciencies can be made in the drawback Yours in the Bond, process. Finding the balance for all tasks combined with the unknown of the day is what I enjoy. Nat Sheppard ’09, O-1995 Alumni Association President Dave with some of his TKE brothers at the Red Carnation Ball Corn (Continued on Page 4) Omicron Board of Control around 2002. TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE TKE
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