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Building for Our Future

Gamma Theta Chapter of Theta Chi

Winter 2013/14 | Alumni Relations Office | P.O. Box 80828, Atlanta, Georgia 30366 | 770-903-3987

t is my honor complete a brief campaign period by mid to Please take a moment to review this
I and privilege to late spring and commence construction next special Gamma Theta newsletter. It includes
announce to you summer, which should take approximately updates on the current chapter, plans for our
the next chapter in 14 months. With that in mind, we plan to new home, and, most importantly, the future
Gamma Theta history. have our chapter occupying the new house of Gamma Theta! Please feel free to contact
After watching the for the fall 2015 semester. Several Brothers me with any questions about the campaign,
Chapter take on a have asked about fnancing, and we have chapter, or getting involved. Remember,
pledge class of 47 secured a construction loan from a local your helping hand is the key to success for
(the largest in Gamma bank. But, campaign support is vital to the our chapter and will help secure our future
Theta’s 66 years) and overall success of the project! at SDSU!
increase its numbers T?
to over 100 young men, we’re moving forward This campaign is a large and bold Sincerely,
with the next steps to solidify our spot as one undertaking, but one that is necessary in
of the top fraternities at SDSU, and one of the ensuring the continued success and vitality
best Theta Chi chapters in the nation. of Gamma Theta. We must work together David E. DeVol
to guarantee that the Chapter has a place to Past National President
I’m thrilled to report that we are call home for many years to come, and that Gamma Theta ’59
offcially re-commencing the campaign for future generations of Brothers are given the Email:
a new Gamma Theta house. Our goal is to same opportunities that we were provided. Cell: (858) 204-9456

‘‘ I to do. Theta Chi is doing GREAT things at San Diego State and has for many generations of brothers.

’m proud to participate in this campaign for many reasons….not the least of which is that it is the right thing

to me as a member of Gamma Theta Chapter. Each of us have made decisions that guided our path and
success in life. For me and many of you…the decision to become a Theta Chi is very high on the list!
- Dick Elder Theta Chi National President - Gamma Theta ’ 71

I want to assure that future generations of young men also have the same opportunities that were provided ‘ ‘
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