Page 203 - Never Not A Lovely Moon
P. 203

 Life is your class in the art of being yourself,
and everything that happens to you is your teacher.
The joy, the despair, victory, defeat.
Don’t get addicted to pleasure or deny pain.
Be mindful. But don’t mind.
Get mad, sure, but don’t hold on to it.
Get the blues or be blissed out, but don’t hold on to either.
It’s the holding on to things that stops flow.
There’s an old Scottish saying
“There’s no such thing as good or bad weather, Only the wrong clothes.”
And there’s an older Buddhist saying:
“If there’s a solution to the problem, why worry? If there’s no solution to the problem, why worry?”
Choose what shows up and learn from it.
You can’t cultivate equanimity without encountering trials. Trials don’t get in the way of your practice.
They are your practice.

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