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Declining Balance PO

        How do I Create a Declining Balance Purchase Order?


        Declining Purchase Orders offer the ability for suppliers to issue multiple invoices against a single purchase
        order with varying quantities and/or amounts until the invoices reach the full dollar amount of the order.
        Declining Purchase Orders are recommended for orders that will be fulfilled over a long period of time and may
        be invoiced at different amounts.  Examples may include copier leases that include cost per copy, consulting
        company contracts, lab coat cleaning, etc.

                Declining Balance Purchase Orders that are over $5000 require a Cost Receipt before payments issues.
               For more information on Cost Receipts, please review the How do I Create a Cost Receipt? job aid.


        After adding your items to your Emory Express shopping cart, begin the Checkout process.

        Shop > My Carts and Orders > Open My Active Shopping Cart

        Shop > My Cart > Checkout



        Creating Declining Balance Purchase Orders


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