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 The Birth of the Master Series
Ultraguard Antifouling from Marine Growth Prevention Specialists Ltd (MGPS) is the World’s premier ultrasonic antifouling system, providing environmentally friendly and cost effective antifouling solutions to the commercial marine industry.
  Based on MGPS’s years of experience in the commercial maritime industry, Ultraguard Antifouling was designed from the start with the unique challenges of the shipping world in mind. The UG series of antifouling systems has fast become the go to alternative to high cost and highly polluting legacy antifouling techniques.
Ultraguard was approached by some customers who operated smaller commercial craft such as workboats and crew boats which had the same problems with marine growth as bigger commercial vessels, but which did not have onboard generators and the AC power requirements needed for the UG Series systems, nor did they have the space to fit large electrical enclosures aboard their vessels. They had looked at offerings from other manufacturers but felt that they were older technology, had lower power outputs and were not really robust enough for the commercial market.
The challenge had been set and we grasped it with both hands. Could we get the same powerful commercial grade antifouling system into a package which would allow smaller commercial craft and leisure boat owners to enjoy the benefits of Ultraguard?
Our best minds on both the electronics and enclosure aspects got straight to the job in hand and within a few months, Ultraguard Master Series was born!

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