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3MTM TRIZACTTM HOOKITTM FOAM DISCS Use for a spot repair system for removing P1200 - P1500 grade sand scratches prior to using 3MTM Perfect-itTM Polishing System, 3000. When working on contour surface, use Interface Pad 600-57770. • High Performance abrasive disc with 3MTM HookitTM attachment • Refining P1200-P1500 grade sand scratches during paint
finishing process • Suggested Backup Pad 600-05551 with Soft Interface Pad 600-57770.
Can be used with 3MTM Random Orbital Sanders
6" Diameter ORDER NO.	Grade	Discs Per Box
600-02085	P3000	15
3MTM PAINTER’S DISC PAD WITH HOOKITTM - 6" DISC Soft backup pad with HookitTM attachment to be used primarily in the paint department. ORDER NO. 600-05778
3MTM HOOKITTM SOFT INTERFACE PAD 6 x 1/2 X 3/4" Designed for 3MTM HookitTM abrasives. Improves abrasive cut and finish. Reduces vibration on dual action random orbital sanders using 3MTM HookitTM disc pads. For use with all 3MTM HookitTM disc pads. ORDER NO. 600-57770
3MTM CLEAN SANDING DUST FREE DISC PAD WITH HOOK-ITTM, 6" Designed for 6 inch 3MTM Dust Free discs with Hook-itTM. Designed for use with 6 hole, 7 hole, or other hole configuration dust free discs. ORDER NO. 600-58650
3MTM PURPLE ABRASIVE HOOKITTM ATTACHMENT DISC - 8" DISC These abrasives are purple in color and are built on tough-weight backing materials. Available in HookitTM and StikitTM attachments. CubitronTM HookitTM Abrasive Grain product constructed on an
E weight heavy paper backing. Resin bonded for heat resistance. Primary markets are metalworking woodworking. Suggested backup pad 600-05779.
ORDER NO.	Grade	Discs/Box
600-01743	P80E	25
3MTM TRIZACTTM HOOKITTM CLEAR COAT SANDING DISCS Incorporates TrizactTM technology for uniform and consistent finish. Use damp to level minor dust nibs and for light sanding of mismatched orange peel on all automotive paints. Suggested backup pad 600-05551 and 600-57770 soft interface pad. 6" Diameter
ORDER NO.	Grade	Discs Per Box
600-02088	P1500
3MTM HOOKITTM CLEAN SANDING PAINTER’S BACKUP PAD - 6" DISC Dust free soft painter’s backup pad for primer, colour and clear coat sanding applications.
ORDER NO. 600-05551
• Discs resist loading, extending disc life & improving productivity
• Facilitates exceptional dust extraction • Delivers uniform, consistent finishes • Uses 3MTM HookitTM Attachment System
for easy reuse
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