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3MTM FINESSE-ITTM ROLOCTM FINISHING PAD - 3" Holds the 3" 3MTM Finesse-itTM Natural Buffing Pad in place. Provides a soft surface for excellent results.Finishing pad mounts in a 3" 3MTM RolocTM
Disc Pad Assembly (Order No. 600-05540). ORDER NO. 600-14736	Mfr. No. 14736
3MTM FINESSE-ITTM NATURAL BUFFING PAD - 3" These 3" buffing pads are designed to get you into tight areas not accessible with a conventional polisher. Pads are hook-and-loop backed. 3" version attaches to the 3" 3MTM Finesse-itTM RolocTM Finishing Pad (Order No. 600-14736) which mounts in a 3" 3MTM RolocTM Disc Pad Assembly (Order No. 600-05540). ORDER NO. 600-85078	Mfr. No. 85078
Orange foam white loop provides soft, smooth surface for applying 3MTM Finesse-ItTM polishes. Holds pad securely and provides quick pad change-out. Pad combined with buffers, random orbital tools, and variable speed polisher to produce desired final finish. ORDER NO. 600-02648	Mfr. No. 02648
Designed to support 3MTM RolocTM 3" diameter abrasive discs. This pad has a 1/4-20 INT thread which allows it to be mounted directly to tools with 1/4-20 EXT threaded shafts. Assembly also includes a RolocTM shank and adapter.
ORDER NO. 600-05540	Mfr. No. 05540
3MTM PERFECT-ITTM HOOKITTM FOAM POLISHING PAD - 3" Convoluted foam face for cool and swirl free polishing, easy on easy off 3MTM HookitTM attachment, ideal size for getting into hard to reach areas. Designed to be used with
3MTM HookitTM 3" Disc Pad (Order No. 600-05769) and the 3MTM RolocTM Buffing Backup Pad (Order No. 600-14736). Sold as each ORDER NO. 600-05726	Mfr. No. AB05726
High performance black double sided foam polishing pad. Removes compound swirls and fine paint surface defects. Unique quick connect design. Provides high-gloss shine. For use with Quick Connect Adapter 600-05752, & Perfect-ItTM Machine polish 39061, 600-06064, 06065. ORDER NO. 600-05707	Mfr. No. 05707
3MTM SUPERBUFFTM POLISHING PAD The 3MTM SuperbuffTM Polishing Pad is a double-sided, soft-edge polishing pad, specially designed for use with a polisher and glaze. Made of extremely fine fibers (wool blend), the 3MTM SuperbuffTM Polishing Pad produces a high gloss on paint and gelcoat surfaces. Other features include: long life, flexibility, lightweight and well balanced. For compounding prior to glazing, one of the other 3MTM SuperbuffTM Pads may be used. Fits all standard (5/8" shaft) slow-speed polishers. ORDER NO. 600-05705 Mfr. No. 05705
Adaptor for the 3MTM SuperbuffTM Pads. For use with 3MTM SuperbuffTM Pads, PNs 05700, Order No. 600-05701, 600-05705. Also works with 3MTM Perfect-ItTM Backup Pad (05718). ORDER NO. 600-05710
Mfr. No. 05710
3MTM SUPERBUFFTM III COMPOUNDING PAD Aggressive, fast-cutting pad that is made of 100% untwisted wool. Stiffer centre hub for more cutting power, double-sided pad that is excellent for hard paints. Fits all standard (5/8" shaft) slow speed polishers.
ORDER NO. 600-05703
Mfr. No. 05703
3MTM SUPERBUFFTM III 2 PLUS 2 COMPOUNDING PAD Made of blended untwisted wool with a stiffer centre hub for more cutting power. It is a double-sided pad that is less aggressive than a wool pad. Fits all standard (5/8" shaft) slow-speed polishers.
ORDER NO. 600-05704
Mfr. No. 05704
Polishing/Buffing tool adapter used for quickly connecting and disconnecting double sided buffing pads from the buffing tool. 5/8" thread Easy-to-use. Use with 3MTM Perfect-ItTM brand compounding and polishing pads. (600-05706, 600-05707, 600-05753)
3MTM PERFECT-ITTM FOAM COMPOUNDING PAD - 8" High performance double sided foam compounding pad. Refines P1200 or finer sand scratches. Unique quick connect design. For use with 3MTM Compounds (39060, 600-06085, 06086) to remove sand scratches. For use with 3M’s Quick Connect Adapter 600-05752. ORDER NO. 600-05706 Mfr. No. 05706
3MTM PERFECT-ITTM ULTRAFINE FOAM POLISHING PAD - 8" High performance double sided foam polishing pad. Eliminates swirl marks on painted surfaces, even on difficult dark coloured surfaces. Unique quick connect system. Use with Perfect-ItTM Ultrafine Machine Polish
600-06068 and 3MTM Quick connect adapter 600-05752. ORDER NO. 600-05708	Mfr. No. 05708
ORDER NO. 600-05752
Mfr. No. 05752
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