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• Euro style rocker switch • Water resistant
ORDER NO. 011-10006
Mfr. No. ES2000
Euro Style Rocker Switch
THREE IN ONE! The popular Bennett rocker switch, trim tab indicator with an Auto Tab Retractor. The new Electronic Indicator uses a relay module mounted at the transom of the boat. This will simplify installation by keeping power at the transom with fewer wires being routed forward to the helm.
• Water resistant • Highly accurate and reliable • Variable intensity LED’s for night and day • Dimensions: 2.75” x 2.75” ( 7 cm x 7 cm)
Like Cruise Control For Your Boat!
Water resistant
ORDER NO. 011-50000
Mfr. No. EIC5000
Your boat will run most efficiently when it is properly trimmed. With a Bennett Auto Trim Tab, you just turn it on and it does the rest. It constantly monitors your boat’s position and uses
your trim tabs to maintain a perfect cruising attitude.
How It Works
The Auto Tab Control calculates and analyzes attitude readings 650 time per second. It actually learns and stores the characteristics of your boat in it’s memory and uses this information for precise trim tab corrections. Since it averages the readings, it won’t over-correct in rough water or momentary weight shifts.
• Saves Fuel - A properly trimmed boat can significantly lower your fuel costs in a single season of usage • Optimum Ride - When passengers move, speed changes, winds shift, or water conditions change,
the ATC system adapts and corrects to provide the best ride you’ve ever had on your boat. • Takes Out The Guesswork - The ATC monitors and maintains your best cruising attitude.	ORDER NO. 011-30000
Now you can relax and enjoy the ride rather than fussing with the trim controls.	Mfr. No. AC3000
For more information see:
The Bennett ATR automatically retracts the trim tabs when the boat’s ignition is turned off. Boaters with trailerable boats experience an added measure of defense from trim to tab damage with the trim tabs “full-up” during hauling, trailering, and storage. • Reduce the risk of trim tab damage from: Fork lifts, Trailers, Dry storage racks
• Avoid unnecessary marine growth on actuating piston. • Relieve hydraulic pressure when tabs are not in use. • Plus...if your boat is not equipped with Bennett Trim Tab indicators, the ATR assures
you the trim tabs are all the way up every time you start up. • Easily installed behind instrument panel. • Operates Bennett and Boat Leveler systems. ORDER NO. 011-00512 Mfr. No. AR512

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