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Replacing a Flo-Torq® Hub with Michigan Propellers
Replacing a Flo-Torq® Drop In Hub Design with Michigan Propellers
Propellers supplied from Mercury®, Mariner® and Force® since 1996 come with the Flo-Torq® II drop in hubs. When switching to Michigan Match® or Ballistic® propellers, change the attaching hardware set-up as follows.
When converting to a Michigan Propeller on a V-4 gearcase, eliminate B & C, replace A with H and use existing hardware F & G.
When converting to a Michigan Propeller on a V-6 gearcase, eliminate B & C and use A, D, E, F & G as attaching hardware (D & E replace C). Be sure to use high-performance trim tab 822777A1 for stainless steel installations.
Michigan Wheel offers the following attaching hardware kits for these installations:
999-90312 999-90332
999-66011 999-66010
Includes D & E for the V-6 gearcase. Includes Forward Thrust Washer H for V-4 gearcase.
Includes A, D, E, F & G for the V-6 gearcase. Includes H, F & G for the V-4 gearcase.
V-4 Gearcase	V-4 Gearcase EXAMPLE CC PART#100-31042	EXAMPLE CC PART#100-31025
A) 999-12040 Forward Thrust Washer B) 999-13010 Plastic Drive Sleeve C) 999-12050 Metal Sleeve Adapter D) 990340 Conductivity (Star) Washer
E) 999-90348 Aft Castle Washer F) 999-90344 Locking Tab Washer G) 999-90346 Shaft Propeller Nut H) 990347 Forward Thrust Washer
Key to Abbreviations: LL = Light Loads; SB = Sailboat; AL = All Loads; SK = Skiboat; WB = Workboat; HB = Houseboat; CR = Cruisers; HL = Heavy Loads; WD = Weedless
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