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14 GALLON (53 LITRE) WHEELED FUEL TRANSPORT • Flo n’ Go LE (06799) Hand Pump is Included!! • Whether your fueling needs include water craft, hunting, camping,
generator, backyard power equipment, etc., the wheeled fuel transport
makes refueling a snap! • Dual shut-off valves • Use with gasoline, diesel or kerosene • Quickly refuels • UL approved, mechanically vented fill cap. • Allows fuel to be pumped in any direction - even upward! • Ergonomically designed, heavy-duty top handle with extra deep base
unit handholds for transport. • Meets D.O.T. & UN transportation requirements. • Sturdy 6" (152mm) wheels eases maneuvering over uneven terrain
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ORDER NO. 080-67920
Mfr. No. 06792
• Gravity-Fed • Rugged blow mold design • Shut-off valve located at the
base of tank • Manually vented cap has easy to grip ribs • Certified DOT and UN as “Special Container” • Built in handle for easy maneuverability • Pneumatic tires for easy rolling over
rugged terrain • 8' fuel hose
25 Gal/95 L Empty: 38 lbs Full: 191 lbs/87 kg
22.00 in. L x 16.00 in. W x 43.00 in. H 559 mm L x 406 mm W x 1080 mm H
ORDER NO. 801-520025
Mfr. No. 520025
Model No. 520015
Model No. 520025
15 Gal/57 L Empty: 32 lbs Full: 124 lbs/56 kg Dimensions: 22.00 in. L x 16.00 in. W x 33.00 in. H 559 mm L x 406 mm W x 838 mm H
ORDER NO. 801-520015	Mfr. No. 520015
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FUEL TRANSFER PUMP Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump 3 GPM Eliminates the lifting of large, heavy gas cans and spilling wasted fuel. Tera Pump’s exclusive design makes transferring fuel to boats, cars, trucks, off road vehicles, mowers, generators, and more, painless and hassle free. The built-in advanced auto-stop feature automatically stops when the transfer process is complete so you just sit back and watch it work. 3 included adapters allow the pump to fit 98% fuel cans. The intake hose provides flexiblity to help grab the very last drop of fuel. This effectively reduces wasted fuel
and allows for a much pleasant transfer process. Pumps up to 3 GPM for a quick and easy transfer.
• Auto-stop • Overflow protection • Compatible Liquids: Gasoline, diesel,
kerosene, and light oils • Complete with 3 ft. flexible intake hose,
3 different sized adapters (2", 2.1", 2.75")
to fit most gas cans • Simple power buttons • Suction hose with impeller • 4 AA Batteries (Not included)
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Gas Can Not Included
ORDER NO. 714-20042
Mfr. No. 20042

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