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Little Brother to the Happy Troller®
• Fits all outboard motors up to and including 25hp • Locks “down” for trolling, “up” for cruising • Made of highest quality polycarbonates with stainless steel hardware imncluded • Complete with full installation and operating instructions
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
040-04620 462
Doel-Fin® is the original hydrofoil developed by an aeronautical engineer to improve overall performance on all boats with outboard motors or outdrive units. Molded in 2 pieces of guaranteed unbreakable, high-strength plastic, each foil is designed to flex independently to absorb shock. The positive effects include greater stability, consistent planing at lower RPM, faster out-of-the-hole performance, steadier turns, higher top-end speeds and lower bow rise at all speeds.
• Doel-Fin® improves overall performance - even on boats with well designed hulls • Save up to 30% on fuel comsumption • Faster out-of-the-hole for happier water skiers • Maintain lower planing speeds without constant throttle adjustment
for wakeboarding, tubing or beginner skiers • Less bow rise for better visibility and increased safety • Simple 15-minute installation; hardware included
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934-82200 440
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
040-30000 448
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Gull Wing Design Hydrofoil • Provides a smoother more stable ride & decreases porpoising • Improves acceleration, ride and fuel economy • Keeps your boat on plane at slower speeds • Stainless steel mounting hardware included • Easy to install
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
109-94000*	9400-7
109-94010** 9401-4
For Outboards and Stern Drives 50 HP and above
For Outboards under 50 HP
Once you’re on plane, most of the Attwood Hydro-Stabilizer is out of the water. Drag is reduced resulting in higher speed.
Ordinary, flat hydrofoils ride on or below the surface of the water, causing speed robbing drag.
* Will not fit Volvo Penta 280/290 outdrives and BMW drives however, it will fit Volvo Penta 270 outdrive ** Will not fit Mariner 20 HP engines where the cavitational plate is too small for installation
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• Fits all I/O’s and all outboards • Pops up skiers in less time • Smooths out ride in rough water • Cuts down on porpoising and cavitation • Stabilizes bow-light boats • Increases top speed and fuel savings in most applications • Water skiing’s most versatile accessory • Stainless steel attaching hardware furnished - installs in 15 minutes • Mounts on the anti-cavitation plate • Installation and operating instructions provided with each unit • Marine grade aluminium with durable anodized finish • Use the Whale Tail year around in all boating activities
(salt and fresh water)

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