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PERMATEX® FORM-A-GASKET® NO. 1 SEALANT Thick, fast drying, hardening formula. For dressing cork, rubber, paper, & composite gaskets, sealing hose connections temperature range -54°C to 200°C. 1BR ORDER NO. 814-58912 Mfr. No. 58912 Size: 80 mL
PERMATEX® THE RIGHT STUFF® GASKET MAKER For Marine & Automotive gaskets, valve covers, gearbox covers, pumps, compressors, oil pans, themostat housings, water pumps etc. Temperature range -60°C to 260°C.
ORDER NO. 814-30874
Mfr. No. 30874 Size: 147 mL Cartridge
PERMATEX® ANAEROBIC FLANGE SEALANT For making and dressing gaskets of all shapes and sizes. Use on rigid-machined metal flanges. Provides a resilient seal that flexes with minor flange movements. ORDER NO. 814-51550 Mfr. No. 51550 Size: 50 mL
Aids in quickly removing all types of gasketing sealants & adhesives, even “baked-on” gaskets. Greatly reduces scraping which helps prevent damage to flanged surfaces. Penetrates and cleans intricate shapes.
Will not run, even on vertical surfaces.
ORDER NO. 814-80579
Mfr. No. 80579 Size: 340g
PERMATEX® SURFACE PREP® ACTIVATOR Any threadlocking, thread sealing & retaining application.Cleans & primes parts prior to assembly. Use in cold temperatures or where faster curing of Permatex® products is desired. ORDER NO. 814-24715 Mfr. No. 24163 Size: 127g
PERMATEX® FORM-A-GASKET NO.2 SEALANT Thick, slow drying, non-hardening formula. For dressing cork, rubber & paper gaskets. Temperature range -54°C to 200°C. 2BR ORDER NO. 814-58922 Mfr. No. 58922 Size: 80 mL
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PERMATEX® PERMAPOXYTM 4 MIN. MULTI-METAL EPOXY Fills holes, mounts metal components, fills metal cracks, seals welded seams, aluminum, brass, chrome, copper, iron, stainless steel and steel. Permanent strength - up to 4500 psi. Resists most liquids including fuel & solvents. ORDER NO. 814-84119 Mfr. No. 84119 Size: 25 mL
PERMATEX® PERMAPOXYTM 5 MIN. PLASTIC WELD Bonds most plastic, interior trim, fills cracks, plastic to vinyl, ABS, acrylic, fiberglass, glass, PVC, steel, styrene, vinyl & wood. Permanent strength - up to 3500psi. Resists most liquids including fuel & solvents. ORDER NO. 814-84125 Mfr. No. 84125 Size: 25 mL
PERMATEX® NON-CHLORINATED BRAKE CLEAN Use to clean drum or disc brake assemblies & components, thousands of other uses including cleaning of C.V. joints, clutches, machinery and tools. Displaces moisture, fast drying, leaves no residue.
ORDER NO. 814-29213
Mfr. No.29213 Size: 390g
PERMATEX® HIGH PERFORMANCE THREAD SEALANT Use for stainless steel fittings, head bolts into through holes, oil PSI sending units/sensors, oil & coolant lines, intake manifold switches, rear axle fill plug, & fuel fittings. Cures rapidly to withstand 10,000 psi. ORDER NO. 814-56521
Mfr. No. 56521 Size: 50 mL
PERMATEX® BLACK SILICONE ADHESIVE SEALANT Seal & waterproof electrical connections windshields, hatches, firewall openings heater boxes, vinyl tops, seams, weather stripping. Seals & bonds glass, metal, plastic, fabric & vinyl. Temperature range -62°C to 260°C. 16BR ORDER NO. 814-59203 Mfr. No. 59203 Size: 80 mL
PERMATEX® CLEAR SILICONE ADHESIVE SEALANT Seal & waterproof electrical connections, windshields, hatches, firewall openings, heater boxes, vinyl tops, seams, weather stripping. Seals & bonds glass, metal, plastic, fabric & vinyl. Temperature range -60°C to 204°C. 66B ORDER NO. 814-59103 Mfr. No.59103 Size: 80 mL

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