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Get your small craft to and from the water quickly and easily!
• 316 Stainless steel frame and pivot bracket • Complete installation instructions included • Precision molded, non-corrosive wheel hubs • Transom wheels are portable and removable
A detent pin on each pivot bracket lets you position
the wheels up or down, or remove them completely for storage • Mounted wide on the transom, allowing load distribution and
leaves clearance for outboard motors. In most cases, the boat
can be operated without removing the wheels
NOTE: Not designed to be towed behind a vehicle
WHEEL-A-WEIGH STANDARD • Inflatable 10" tires (26cm) • 220 lb. capacity (100kg) handles most boats
with motors up to 10hp • Straight wheel frames • Weight: 9 lbs. ORDER NO. 510-14820 Mfr. No. 1482
WHEEL-A-WEIGH EXTRA-DUTY • Inflatable 14" tires (36cm) with roller bearings inside the hub • 330 lb. capacity (150kg) • Curved wheel frames, allowing wheels to pivot under the boat,
allowing moving heavier loads easier • Weight: 15 lbs.
ORDER NO. 510-14830
Mfr. No. 1483
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Megaware FlexStep® Pro is an innovative multi-angle/extendable step system that attaches to your trailer frame, allowing easy access to virtually anywhere on your boat.
The Megaware FlexStep® Pro makes boating more convenient than ever. This innovative multi-angle/extendable step system attaches to your trailer frame, allowing easy access to virtually anywhere on your boat. A quick, spring loaded pull handle and locking pin system adjusts the Megaware FlexStep® Pro to 16 positions for maximum reach.
Megaware FlexStep® Pro is manufactured from lightweight, high tensile 6063-T6 anodized aluminum ensuring the highest quality. Each step safely holds up to 300 lbs.
* Larger trailer frames may be accommodated by purchasing longer bolts available at any hardware store.
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• 16 Adjustable Positions • Extends from 17 to 21 Inches • Removable for safe travel and stowing • Fits Most Trailer Rails • Easy boat entry and exit • Easy access to windows and storage • Easy installation and stowing
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