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40" tall or 60" tall
• Red (faces backwards) and Amber (faces forward) LED lights • Improve visibility on the road and on the ramp • Tough and shockproof • Clear colourless when off
• Galvanized arms and non-marking PVC posts (notched to prevent twisting)
• Fits frames up to 3" wide x 4-1/4" high • Mounting hardware and wiring included • Sold in pairs ORDER NO. 336-27740 Model 27740 • Height 40"	• • Adjusts out to 13" each side	• • Fits frames up to 3"W x 4-1/4"H	• • 1-1/2" sq. 16 ga pre-galvanized	•
steel post extends 18" into 2" PVC tube for strength
One piece lamps fit easily on top of your existing 2" PVC post guide-ons. Amber light faces front, red faces rear. Includes two sealed one piece LED lamps, each with 8' of wire and all necessary electrical connectors and post locking bolts.
• Tough long lasting, waterproof, shockproof • Eight super bright LED’s provide twice the visibility • Consume 1/3 the energy • Stay cool to the touch
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
336-27656 27656A
Designed for I-beam Trailers & I-beam Boat lifts These extra tall post guide-ons allow you to see the location of the trailer when it’s underwater. Designed for I-beam trailers and I-beam boat lifts, these guide-ons feature an innovative two piece mounting clamp that works above or below the I-beam. Fits on I-beams up to 4" wide with provided hardware. Sturdy 1-1/2" galvanized tube upright extends over 40" into the non-marring, heavy duty 2" PVC tube. Provides up to 19" of lateral adjustment out from trailer frame. Sold in pairs.
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
336-27635 27635
Designed for I-beam Trailers
These post guide-ons utilize uprights that mount directly to your I-Beam trailer frame using stainless steel u-bolts, nuts and washers for a fit that will work on virtually any size I-Beam frame. The metal uprights can be adjusted up to 19" out from each side of the trailer frame. Recommended for I-Beam trailer frames used in salt water due to the corrosion resistance of aluminum. Warning: To reduce the risk of nut seizure when using stainless steel hardware always apply a light coat of grease to threads prior to assemby.
ORDER NO. 336-27760
Model 27760
Height 60" Adjusts out to 19" each side Fits frames up to 3"W x 4-1/4"H 1-1/2" sq. 16 ga pre-galvanized steel post extends 36" into 2" PVC tube for strength
GUIDE-ON LIGHT BRACKET FOR POST STYLE BOAT GUIDE-ONS For 40" and 60" Post Style Guide-Ons Mounts lights out from PVC post approximately 7-1/2".
• (2) formed galvanized brackets • (2) pieces of color coded 3- conductor bonded wire,
8 ft. length each • (4) terminals and 4 butt connectors plus hardware for
mounting to PVC posts
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
336-27650 27650A
65" HEAVY DUTY HOT DIP GALVANIZED POST GUIDE-ONS These post guide-ons serve the same purpose that all other Smith post guide-ons do, however these include metal uprights made of a thicker 12 gauge steel that has been hot-dip galvanized for greater corrosion resistance, making this set of post guide-ons ideal for heavy salt water use. This guide-on fits channel frames up to 4" wide by 5-1/4" tall, and any size of I-beam frame due to the two mounting options included. The metal uprights can be adjusted up to 19" out from the side of the frame.
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
336-27637 27637
Use on trailers, boat lifts, docks or other applications
Fits all ShipshapeTM Boat Guides
• Special new 2-piece mounting bracket for any I-Beam application • Holds 1-1/2" tubing • Bolts included to fit up to 4" W I-Beam • Will fit wider beams with customer supplied longer bolts
• Can be mounted under or on top of I-Beam
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
336-27638 27638
Kit Includes:
• (4) Galvanized steel clamps • (2) 1-1/2" Hex Head Screws, Zinc • (2) 2-3/4" Hex Head Screws, Zinc • (4) Washers, Zinc
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.
336-27682 27682A
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