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PRECISION GPS RECEIVER_ AS GRP • Precision NMEA0183 GPS/WAAS receiver • Provides fast and precise position fixes accurate within 2.5 meters • Provides more accurate position fixes than the industry standard GPS • View your track & speed, mark waypoints, navigate and more
• Plug and play installation • Comes with 20' cable • Mount on any flat surface or 1” x 14 thread mountable • Software must be 6.300 or higher for the Humminbird system to be
compatible with the AS GRP GPS receiver • Receiver's dimensions : 3.25" diameter, 1.5" high • Power Draw: 28 mA
Note: This GPS receiver WILL NOT work with Interlink. For use with ONIX Series purchase of AS GPS NMEA cable for connection is required.
ORDER NO. 408-92001
Mfr. No. 408920-1
ETHERNET CABLE – NETWORKING AS EC 20E The Ethernet Cable is a 20' cable that allows the connection of two Ethernet capable units to be connected.
ORDER NO. 407-20073-3
Mfr. No. 720073-3
POWER CABLES PC 10 6 ft. cable, waterproof. Used with all Humminbird products produced since 1989, except select HELIX 9 Series, HELIX 10 Series, HELIX 12 Series, 800 Series, 900 Series, 1100 Series, 797 and 798, ONIX Series and ION Series.
ORDER NO. 334-10015
Mfr. No. 720002-1
• Mounts easily with only two screws • Easy to adjust, add or replace transducers • Marine grade polymer plate will not warp, corrode or be affected by UV Rays • Includes hardware ORDER NO. 109-94110-5 Mfr. No. 94110-5
SPEED TEMP SENSOR TS W Transom mount temp/speed sensor, 20 ft. cable. Temperature range of 25-99.9 degrees F. Speed range of 2-75 MPH. Note: Requires purchase of AS T Y cable to connect with HELIX 5
Series, HELIX 7 Series, 600 Series, select 700 HD Series, 8x9 ci Series, 9x9 ci Series and 11x9 ci Series.
ORDER NO. 334-10010
Mfr. No. 730000-1
ETHERNET ADAPTER CABLE – NETWORKING AS EC QDE This Ethernet Adapter Cable is required if you want to network (Ethernet) capabilities on a HELIX 9 Series, HELIX 10 Series, HELIX 12 CHIRP Series, 7x8 HD Series, 8x9ci HD Series, 9x9ci HD Series, 11x9ci HD Series Humminbird product. This cable is approximately 12 inches long. Additional adapter cables and Ethernet cables are required if networking 2 of these products.
ORDER NO. 407-20074-1
Mfr. No. 720074-1
ETHERNET CABLE AS EC 10E This Ethernet Cable is a 5' cable that allows the connection of two Ethernet capable units to be connected. AS EC QDE may be required with some Humminbird models.
ORDER NO. 407-20073-6
Mfr. No. 720073-6
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