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RATCHET MOUNT STAINLESS STEEL Sleek, simple lines come from a nutless, boltless, design. Standard 1"-14 thread.
Slot for cable feed-through Bolt holes: 5/16" diameter 3" x 1-1/2" on center ORDER NO. 276-51870 Mfr. No. 5187
Stainless Steel
Ratchet action, designed for quick and easy installation on 7/8" or 1" vertical or horizontal rails. Handles antennas up to 8'
and has cable feed-through provision. ORDER NO. 276-41900 Mfr. No. 4190
SHAKESPEARE 4364-B 12" FIBERGLASS EXTENSION MAST One inch diameter extension mast for light to moderate duty applications. White molded polycarbonate male upper and female lower 1"-14 threads. Excellent for MarineTV antennas.
• Fits standard antenna mounts • Great for clearing an obstruction • One section ORDER NO. 276-43641 Mfr. No. 4364-B
Insulated stand-off brackets of white molded plastic. Corrosion resistant. Easy opening for quick lay down. Includes bolts, nuts and lock washers. With insert - fits either 1", 1-1/8" or 1-1/2" diameter antennas.
SHAKESPEARE 4365 STRAIGHT MOUNT 4" high, 1"-14 thread stainless steel mount. Perfect for radar arches. May be used with Style 4364 (#276-43640) extension mast. ORDER NO. 276-43650 Mfr. No. 4365
Set of two durable, yet flexible, rubber shims for Shakespeare style 276-43650 stainless steel 4" straight mount with round flange. (2 round shims per kit). ORDER NO. 276-04180
Mfr. No. 418
SHIM KIT FOR RATCHET MOUNTS Shim kit for ratchet mounts - heavy-duty rubber. Kit of four shims, two each with front/back and side/side slope. Each shim adds a half-notch (5˚) tilt. Stack them for extra height or for compound angles. ORDER NO. 276-04140
ORDER NO. 276-04081
Mfr. No. 408-R
The AURA Cellular Booster Kit enables you to optimize cellular coverage on your boat or in your home where reception is weak due to distance from cell tower, topography or building materials. Its compartmentalized design, sturdy metal casing ensures enhanced call clarity that will last for years. This kit enhances 3G voice and data for all major U.S. carriers and will support 5-10 simultaneous users in a 50 ft. wide by 100 ft. long direction, for total coverage of 5,000 square ft.
The kit comes with indoor and outdoor antennas, cell booster and cabling for a complete cellular enhancement solution. The AURA Booster features adjustable dials for pinpoint enhancement and features an indoor panel antenna to direct coverage where it’s needed most. This kit also features an industry-leading 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Mfr. No. CA-VAT
ORDER NO. 276-54990
For more information see:
Heavy-Duty Rubber
Mfr. No. 414
Heavy-Duty Rubber

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