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ConnectChargeTM Inlet 150CCI
For use with Guest Battery Chargers with ConnectCharge Plug Only!
Mount to dash from rear with threaded locking ring or from the front with three screws through face plate • Eliminates rewiring, plug snaps into Inlet locking tab • Watertight lid protects AC plug
• Easy to install or retrofit
ORDER NO. 055-01501
Mfr. No. 150CCI
Exclusive Molded Notch On Plug Locks Into ConnectChargeTM Inlet
New plus design is a standard feature on all Guest On-Board Trolling Motor and Bluewater chargers with AC plug.
On-Board Charger Inlet 150 BB1
The MARINCO® On-Board Charger Inlet is a revolutionary design in flanged inlets. The sleek design fits almost anywhere on a boat’s exterior, and fishing line won’t catch on the low-profile, UV resistant cap.
With the On-Board Charger Inlet hard-wired to an on-board battery charger, charging can occur with all the boat’s hatches closed and locked, adding convenience and security for the boater.
• 15A 125V straight blade inlet • Small enough to be mounted almost anywhere on a boat • Low profile cap won’t catch fishing line • Color and style fit in nicely with appearance of the boat • Mounts quickly and easily to fiberglass and aluminum hulls
ORDER NO. Description
• •
• • • •
• Perma-LockTM terminals and color coded wire entrance holes makes wiring a snap
• UV resistant housing and cap ORDER	NO. 055-01500	Mfr. No. 150BBI
Improves performance of electronics and reduces RF interference Offers the best path for hull bonding without long runs of copper foil
Provides a direct, low resistance path for improved lightning protection Deters electrolysis and galvanic corrosion Sintered porous bronze sphere construction for maximum conductivity in a compact size
Low drag, non-fouling shape Easy to clean with wire brush Easy to install Mounting hardware included: Gold plated mounting bolt and nut; Bronze mounting bolt and nut; Copper washers
Conforms to ABYC standards
Dynaplates for Hull Bonding and Grounding
#4006 Standard 6" x 2" x 1/2" Equivalent to over 12 sq. ft. of copper sheathing
#4008 D-8 Dynaplate 8" x 2-1/2" x 1/2" Equiv. to over 20 sq. ft. of copper sheathing
#4012 Giant 12" x 3" x 1/2" Equivalent to over 40 sq. ft. of copper sheathing
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