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• UV stable, impact and chemical resistant polycarbonate plastic
• Tin plated copper studs • Removable side plates for ease of
cable attachment • Switches include removable back plate for flush mount
applications • Extra large cable access, up to 1/0 for the mini switch and
4/0 for the heavy duty
• Custom labels available for switch knobs • Switches designed to modulate together for use with
multiple battery banks • Top rated by Power Boat Reports Magazine • Can be flush or surface mounted • All selector switches are Make Before Break • Extensive OEM usage • Tested to UL1107, meets ABYC and USCG Specifications,
CE Approved
Rated at 275A continuous and 1250A cranking for systems up to 48V. Designed to upgrade traditional post and lever type battery disconnect switches. Will fit in 7/8" hole through wall thickness of up to 3/4". Stud Size: 3/8"
700 2.75"L x 2.75"W x 4.25"D ORDER NO. 770-07000
Rated at 275A continuous and 1250A cranking for systems up to 48V. Switch features a removable knob in the “off” position to prevent unauthorized use of boat. Ignition protected. 701 2.75"L x 2.75"W x 3"D ORDER NO. 770-07010
DVSR: Dual Battery Charging Made Easy
Rated at 200A continuous and 1000A cranking for systems up to 48V. Ideal for tight mounting situations on smaller boats. Will handle the cranking loads of any outboard engine on the market. 701S 2.75"L x 2.75"W x 3"D ORDER NO. 770-07011
BEP MARINE MINI SELECTOR SWITCH WITH DUAL SENSE VSR This system allows for dual battery charging using a battery selector switch. The dual sense VSR will allow the selected battery to be charged to 13.7V then close and charge the battery in isolation. When the engine is stopped and the voltage on the selected battery drops to 12.8V the relay opens and isolates the two banks. A simple battery management system and a great space saver for small boats. 714-140A-DVSR 2.75"Lx5.55"Wx3"D ORDER NO. 770-07140
The Digital Voltage Sensing Relay (DVSR) allows the charging of a second battery bank from any single charging source. When the voltage on the charged bank rises sufficiently, the DVSR engages allowing the 2nd battery bank to charge. When charging stops and voltage falls, the DVSR automatically isolates the battery banks, ensuring that engine start batteries are kept fully charged. Digital circuitry provides superior reliability and extremely low power consumption.
• Safely charge two or more independent battery banks from one charge source (alternator, battery charger...) • Charges engine starting batteries before combining auxiliary bank for charging • Protects start batteries from becoming flattened by domestic loads • Isolates electronics from harmful electrical surges from starter motors
2011 Digital Enhancements:
• Multi voltage, auto selects between 12 and 24V DC operation • Digital circuits provide very low power consumption and
enhanced performance • Remote sensing circuitry allows optional connection from
ignition switch, provides same functionality as single sense
VSR and zero power consumption when engine is off • Zero stand by current draw when remote sensing circuit
utilized with storage mode switch fitted (switch in open position) • Remote status LED output option
• Simple to install 3 wire connection, leaves alternator wiring intact • No volt drop vs. diode isolators • Ignition protected • Surface or panel mountable
• Replaces previous models 710-125A and 710-125A-DS Dimensions: 2.75"L x 2.75"W x 2"H (69 X 69 X 50 mm)
Replaces 710-125A
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.	Volts	Rating (A)	Rating (A) Continuous	Continuous
770-71140	710-140A	12/24	125	140
Engages (V DC)
Disengages (V DC)
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